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Grrrr! I so want to wring Gecko's neck! He should get my bloody computer network system going and keep it going or else he'll find himself missing a few limbs! I've roared at him until I'm almost hoarse! Why won't he bloody listen to me?! I told him I don't want a stupid update! If I wanted one, I'd do it myself on my own time! 


 First off, I want to apologize for my extended delay in writing an entry. What happened was this: my family and I went south to Greenland for vacation around Gift Day, but I encountered communication problems while there due to Gecko's technological screw-ups. So I waited until he fixed the communication problems before I decided to try to communicate again. Gift Day and New Year's Day went well, save for a few technological frustrations. I tell you, I so wanted to wring Gecko's neck for not maintaining the communication lines. He doesn't seem to comprehend how difficult it is for me to communicate with people if my equipment fails. Then he accuses me of being a mean old grouch. Well, he bloody well knows how I am when things don't go right. It annoys me to no end. I'm hoping that this problem won't happen again, because I enjoy speaking with people, even if they don't reply back.
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I'm angry enough to roar. I tell you, this computer stuff is nothing but a bunch of malfunctioning junk. Perhaps I should give Gecko what for, in words.  Why didn't he tell me there were communication problems? Grrrr, I so want to give him a Telepathic Migraine for that. It seems like all he ever does is screw up stuff. Why, nothing he invents ever functions properly. He's so stupid, thinking Saurischians like me need this technological junk. I've told him repeatedly that I don't need junk; I need something that will function correctly. Of course it's like talking to a stone wall; he never listens to a word I say... 


I'm back from my holiday. I hope everyone has been well. I had a wonderful Family Reunion Day (what Earth people call Thanksgiving). I know the next holiday will be Gift Day, and I'll have to figure out what kinds of gifts to get my family. Isn't it difficult to find gifts for people? I find it difficult, because in most cases it's not what the recipient wanted. I say it's the thought that counts.


Well, it appears that I may have some catching up to do in the future. The reason is because I'll be spending Family Reunion Day with my family (Earth people call it Thanksgiving). My family will dine on moa, corn, and various other ancient things. It will be an enjoyable time, I'm sure. So I'm saying, "See you later."


This is so bloody depressing. I spend my evenings writing my diary, and it seems nobody's reading it. Perhaps I am a nuisance, like a Dokarian once told me. He was so pissed off at me that he no longer wanted me as his servant. If he no longer wanted me as his bloody servant, then why the hell did he put that bloody mind control collar on me in the first place? Grrrr, I don't get it... Life is so bloody unfair...


Whoa, what did I get into yesterday? Perhaps I had one too many bottles of Saurischian wine. I feel really silly, regarding yesterday's entry. Seriously, I must've been intoxicated out of my mind. Now I have this terrible hangover. Perhaps I should lie down for a spell...

Nov. 22nd, 2008


I feel so lonely since nobody's responding to my journals. Do my looks frighten people? Why does it seem as if people are avoiding me? I'm not always a grouch... Oh, this loneliness is heartbreaking. Sure I converse with others, but that's altogether different.  It would be nice, in my opinion, if people would at least speak to me. Anything would beat sitting around doing next to nothing other than having my moments with Juanita...

Oh silly me, what am I doing? Not enough time has passed for people to get acquainted with me. I need to give them more time. Then perhaps they'll respond. 



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